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tier 2
product offering

2500 Image

Train your AI on up to 2500 images or 10000 species annotations from your dataset (whichever comes first).

Species Count, Size
Summary Report

Data uploaded through our site to run on your custom AI will return a labelled image/video as well as a complimentary report containing the following:

  • The number of species identified in each frame

  • The labels of each species

  • The bounding box locations for each species

Easily Upgrade to Next Tier

Test out your model here and  evaluate the results! If your work requires more data, easily upgrade to the next tier for only the difference in price.

6 Months Complimentary Uploads

Once the AI is trained you will have unlimited access to process new data through our site for 6 months. Extended usage is available for programs that last longer than 6 months.

Deployable Model

For customers who would like to run their custom AI locally we provide them access to the model specific weights in any of the following formats:


  • Pascal VOC

  • YOLO v3, v4,v5

  • Tensorflow, OD (TFRecord)

  • Others

Continual Learning

After the initial training is complete, we will continue training your AI with every subsequent upload.

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