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Our Story

We are a startup that is dedicated to helping people better understand the ocean, one fish at a time.

My name is Jake Easterling and I am the creator of Growing up in the ocean community of Melbourne, FL I have always had a passion for the ocean. In 2017 I launched my first startup to help divers capture everything they see underwater with the help of SeaPal, an autonomous underwater drone equipped with 360 x 360 cameras.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, my company was facing unprecedented challenges. Leading up to 2020 we had raised enough funding to build two prototypes and were ramping up for low-rate production. During Covid-19, all our funding sources dried up and we were forced to either pivot or fold the business.


By January of 2021, I had uncovered the potential for shifting our business from hardware to software by leveraging artificial intelligence to identify fish for consumer divers. Five months and thousands of labelled images later, launched to help people better understand the oceans we all depend on.

Since launching the site, I have been overwhelmed by the support from the global diving community and am excited to continue enhancing their experiences underwater. We plan to continue improving our AI model over the next several months and then plan to expand into additional production services, as well as possible hardware products.

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Jake Easterling

Creator of

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